E-Commerce Websites

The whole world is your playground. With an eCommerce Website you are not limited by the geographical area that you operate

Gain New Customers with lower costs – 24h per day

E-Commerce Websites improves your business opportunities eliminating boundaries, travel time and costs

We design and build e-Commerce websites using e-pages platform

Very soon we will be able to offer you e-Commerce Websites using Magento´s e-Commerce solutions as well as additional e-Commerce plataforms

We design, develop and build e-Commerce Websites that will help you increase your sales

e-Commerce Websites that provide all the tools you need to manage products, pricing, customers, invoicing and much more


Some trends in major markets in Europe

In the UK and Germany over 70% buy online using a PC, over 16% use a smartphone and over 11% use their tablets. The combined sales onnline in these two countries are over $ 170 billion

Some trends in major markets outside Europe

In China online sales are over $ 560 billion, tablets and smartphones account for over 30% of the users buying online and the average internet user is 25 years old.
In the USA where online sales are circa $ 350 billion ober 70% of the purchases are on a PC
In Japan where online sales are circa $ 80 billion circa 50% do it on a PC and the other 50% using smartphones or tablets. 97% of internet users shop online

We are a company that loves challenges and loves to respond to them! Is there anything better than seeing a customer really happy after a project is complete? Yes there is: Seeing the customer coming back for your products or services.

Internet has changed the way we communicate! We help you to communicate better with your customers. A well designed web site is vital to create a good first impression. Then we support you through Search Engine Optimization to attract organically more customers to your site. With Social Media Optimization we help you raising awareness and traffic to your site, landing page or product – Facebook, Twitter, Google + and more.

We offer you as well specialized graphic design including corporate identity and brand identity, logo design, business card design, letterhead design, leaflet and brochure design, advertisement design and much more.

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